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Here are some of the things you will learn:

  • How to prevent the biggest hiring mistake and finally have the best team ever!
  • Why everything you learned about treatment plan presentation is wrong – and how to do it right!
  • How to “double” the value of your patients instantly!
  • The four internet sites you must claim NOW! (They may not be what you think!)
  • Grow your practice by doing what you love!
  • How to easily fill those pesky last-minute cancellations 90% of the time!
  • The best (and worst) ways to use video to promote your practice!
  • Ten practice lessons from a very unlikely (and very successful!) source!
  • Finally – the secrets to the no pressure, easy-to-present, $20,000 treatment plan! YES!!
  • The secrets to keeping your schedule on time. Never run late again!
  • A totally different kind of “scaling”-Nothing to do with Perio and help you design a patient experience that is amazing!!
  • How to properly handle difficult questions like “Do you take my insurance?” and “How much is a cleaning?”

Confessions of a Holistic Hygienist in a New Era of Wellness-What Dentists & Hygienists Should Know [AGD Code: #149] Click here

Green & Sustainable Dentistry Practices For Dental Professionals and Patients


Dentistry that predominantly consists of green designs and practices to better  protect the immediate health of patients and practice team members, as well as reduce the impact on the community and global environment.

Also referred to as Eco-friendly dentistry, this model of health care is based on the understanding that the health of humans and the environment are connected. Eco-friendly dentists and other health professionals believe it’s their duty to serve in their profession while taking on the responsibility of environmental educators and advocates.

 Here are four ways Eco-friendly dentistry can better people’s health:

  1. It reduces waste and pollution.
  2. It saves water and energy, which also saves money.
  3. It uses digital technologies that are better for patients and the environment.
  4. It supports a wellness lifestyle

Learning Objectives:

  • To understand Eco dentistry by “re-thinking” the new, modern dentistry to conventional dentistry.
  • To incorporate bio-compatible, natural, free BPA materials (composites, cements and adjunctive porcelain.
  • To learn how to minimize plastics, water, conserve energy .
  • Reconsider recycled plastics, reusable materials and bio-degradable materials in a dental office.
  • To understanding the correlation of environment, toxic materials and oral and systemic health.
  • Learning additional testing to metal and dental material sensitivity (Melisa and CMRT test).
  • To incorporate the “3R’s” in operatory rooms, aka Reuse/Recycle/Reduce.
  • Learn the steps of Amalgam safe removal per IAOMT (international academy oral medicine & toxicology)
  • Proper nutrition for a healthy oral and systemic health.
  • Learn how to reduce stress naturally for employee and patients.

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