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We are happy to provide the following classes in your facility with a min. of 6 participants.

Special In  Office Training Programs -All these programs are held at your facility.

You pick the date, You pick the time:

The state and/or federal government has certain mandatory training requirements for staff which an employer is responsible for.  We can help you comply by offering you this package which will enable you to meet all your requirements and earn continuing education credits.

BLS CPR–   Healthcare provider training , which includes adult, infant, & child CPR & foreign body airway obstruction. American Heart Association instructors.

4 ceu’s   $80.00 per person Initial .. 4CEU’s |  $75.00 renewal 3ceu’s

HIPAA-  This program covers the regulations and compliance of the new rulings.  It will explain in detail how your office can meet compliance.  1 ceu  $250.00 up to 10 people

Medical Emergencies in the Dental Practice:  This Mandatory program will review a variety of medical emergencies & prevention.  (13:30-8.26 EMERGENCY PROTOCOL) NEW JERSEY Dental Board issued a Ruling mandating all Dental offices to implement this requirement in order to recognize and manage common medical emergencies in the office, training must be done on a yearly basis.

This is the wording from the Dental Board Regulations pertaining to Managing Medical Emergencies training:


a) Each dental office, facility, dental clinic, or institution at which there is patient contact, at a

minimum, shall:

1) Have a written protocol for managing medical or dental emergencies;

2) Have equipment to maintain adult and pediatric airways;

3) Have an ambu bag (bag-valve-mask resuscitator); and

4) Ensure that all staff are trained upon hire, and at least annually thereafter, to implement the emergency protocol.

  3 ceu’s    $575.00 up to 10 people .. $675 up to 20 people


  1. OSHA Audit ONLYOur OSHA Specialist comes to audit your office and will advise you of any non-compliance issues that need to be addressed.  NO CEU’s … Approximately 1 to 1.5 Hours for audit required .. $ 250.00
  2. OSHA INITIAL PROGRAMThis program will meet the training requirement which OSHA mandates for employers to provide to their employees.  3 ceu’s $575.00 up to 10 people  |  $675 up to 20 people.
  3. OSHA RENEWAL PROGRAMThis annual renewal program is intended to update the office with any changes that OSHA mandates for employers to provide to their employees.  2 ceu’s $350.00 up to 10 people  |  $450 up to 20 people  |  $550 up to 30 people  |  $650 more than 30 people

Please call our office to schedule your private program at your facility.   (973) 808-1666

A Travel Fee applies and will be calculated based on your distance from our office in Fairfield, NJ