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Smart Cybersecurity: Positive Approach to Protecting Your Business: Taped Program 1 Ceu




Smart Cybersecurity:
Positive Approach to Protecting Your Business

Cybersecurity is the best prevention for dental offices! Modern offices rely on internet activity every single day. Many  practice management software is even cloud based requiring internet access to read radiographs and medical histories!

Proper protection and training will keep you connected and running smoothly!

A Summary of The Presentation:

The “Smart Cybersecurity: A Positive Approach to Protecting Your Business” presentation is an educational session focusing on the causes and prevention of cyber incidents, avoiding scare tactics. It starts with an overview of the cybersecurity landscape, emphasizing awareness and proactive measures.
Key topics include common causes of cyber incidents, the role of human error, and best practices for personal and organizational cybersecurity, like regular updates, strong passwords, and multi-factor authentication. The presentation also touches on emerging cyber threats and emphasizes the importance of regular security audits and fostering a security-conscious culture within organizations.
The session is interactive, with a Q&A segment, and uses visuals like infographics for clarity. It aims to demystify cybersecurity, promoting an informed and proactive approach to cyber incident prevention.

Course Description:

Causes of Cyber Incidents

Cybersecurity Landscape : what Cybersecurity should mean to you as a dental office

Awareness in your office

Preventing Cyber Incidents

Proactive  Measures to Install


Guy Baroan is a seasoned technology professional with a 26-year career dedicated to advancing the field, particularly in the realm of security. As an influential figure in the technology industry, he has actively engaged with various companies, providing invaluable insights, and sharing his wealth of knowledge to drive success while prioritizing security measures.

Guy’s passion for technology and his proactive approach in solving security challenges have positioned him as a trusted advisor and consultant to numerous organizations. His deep understanding of security best practices and emerging threats has made him a sought-after resource in the industry. By staying at the forefront of technological advancements, he helps companies implement robust security measures and safeguards to protect their sensitive information.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Guy finds joy in his personal life. He is happily married and the proud father of two sons. In his quest for personal growth and physical discipline, he has taken up the study of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and has achieved the prestigious status of a black belt, showcasing his determination and commitment to continuous self-improvement.

Driven by a genuine desire to empower his clients, Guy firmly believes in being proactive when it comes to security challenges. He advocates for a comprehensive approach that includes risk assessment, implementing robust security protocols, and staying vigilant against emerging threats. By combining his extensive technological expertise with his deep knowledge of security practices, Guy Baroan remains a trusted leader in the technology field, helping organizations succeed while safeguarding their invaluable assets.