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NJ Dentist CE Requirements: Renewal Oct. 31, 2023


NJ Dentist’s must obtain 40 hours of continuing education credits each renewal period:

The following 10 hours are mandatory topics and are taken from the NJ Board of Dentistry Chapter 30


“i) Three hours of continuing education with practical hands-on certification for
cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), which meets the American Heart
Association certification standards for healthcare providers. The training shall
include the use of an automatic external defibrillator (AED), unconscious and
conscious choking, and rescue breathing. Webinars and electronic media
distance learning courses shall not satisfy this requirement;


ii) Three hours of continuing education of pharmacology and internal medicine,
which includes the appropriate use of analgesics, antibiotics, local anesthesia
and agents to control anxiety, drug (medication) knowledge and interactions,
prescription writing, abuse of prescriptions by patients, taking complete medical histories, and the use of the New Jersey Prescription Monitoring Program

iii) Two hours of continuing education in preventing and controlling infectious
diseases and managing personnel health and safety concerns related to
infection control in dental settings. Examples of such education include: modes
of disease transmission and the chain of infection; strategies that can prevent
occupational exposures to blood and bodily fluids; methods to ensure that
patient-care items and environmental surfaces are safe for use; selection and
use of safe dental devices and dental water quality assurance and practice
monitoring; and evaluation of dental infection control programs

iv) One hour of continuing education in professional ethics and New Jersey law
concerning the practice of dentistry. Examples of such education include: dental
ethics, professionalism, New Jersey jurisprudence, ethical issues concerning the
abuse of prescriptions by patients, child abuse, competence and judgment, and
patient confidentiality. The online New Jersey Jurisprudence orientation shall not
satisfy this continuing education requirement; and

v) Pursuant to P.L. 2017, c. 28, one hour of continuing education in educational
programs or topics concerning prescription opioid drugs, including responsible
prescribing practices, alternatives to opioids for managing and treating pain, and
the risks and signs of opioid abuse, addiction, and diversion. This one credit
shall not be eligible for carry-over as described at (k) below.”