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The Mind / Gut Connection and Dental Considerations




The Mind / Gut Connection and Dental Considerations

4 Ceu’s 

Course Description:

  • This lecture will cover the role of bacteria in your gut and the way they influence how you experience emotion. It will also explain how important the gut microbiome is to overall health and how the vagus nerve connects mind and gut.

Learning  Objective: Upon completion, participants should be able to:

  • Identify general anatomy and physiology of the brain and gut
  • Identify types of bacteria
  • Explain interconnections between the brain and gut
  • Explain the role of bacteria in affective states
  • Describe the role of mitochondria with regard to the gut microbiodome
  • Discuss possible corrective measures

Course will cover:

  • The diencephalon, mesencephalon
  • Origin of Vagus with innervations
  • Gut anatomy
  • Role of endocrine system and emotion
  • Role of the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems
  • The brain/gut interconnections
  • Schizophrenia exhibits less diverse organisms
  • Modulation of the glutamate-glutamine-GABA cycle
  • Role of the Vagus nerve
  • Vagus discriminates between pathogenic and non pathogenic bacteria
  • Anti and pro inflammatory responses via bacteria
  • Endo endocrine cells of gut villi synapse with the Vagus nerve (neuropart cells)
  • Sense mechanical, chemical, and thermal stimuli
  • These stimuli are converted in tiny electrical pulses
  • Stimulate afferent vagal neurons to brain * Gut milieu influences the brain
  • Gut pathogens can also influence the brain
  • Vagus nerve by virtue of non pathogenic bacteria uses afferent signals to allow GABA to be released

Instructor:   Dr. Arthur Feintuch, DC, DAAPM

  • Dental Studies Institute and the Institute for Continuing Education – Continuing Ed Instructor
  •  Monmouth University Adjunct Professor Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • 35 Years Private Practice running multiple offices. * Ocean County College-Developer and Adjunct Instructor EEG program
  • Brookdale CC- Adjunct Instructor & Developer EEG program, Pharma  Math, Occupational Therapy
  • Premier Medical & Dental Institute-Phlebotomy, EKG, Pharmacology, Injection Technique, Medical Law & Ethics,
  • Middlesex County College-Adjunct Instructor Anatomy and Physiology including lab and lecture
  • Designed, developed, and instructed Post Graduate Cranial Anatomy course for CE credits to Post-Doctoral Physical Therapy Practitioners
  • Gibbs College-Adjunct Instructor Medical Assisting
  • Chiropractic Physician * NJ State Teaching Certification Secondary Education

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  4.   Instructors may call on participants.
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