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All-Tissue CO2 Laser – Taking Your Practice to the Next Level: Hands-On Portion with Limited Seating




This 2 day program will provide the participant with enough knowledge and hands-on practice, with a one on one experience, to see the advantages  and to explore using a CO2 Laser.

Take Both Dates to earn 7 CEUs

Day 1: Live Interactive Webinar

Lecture will discuss:

CO2 all-tissue lasers are quickly becoming the new standard of care due to the exceptional clinical performance and completely different experience that they deliver for dentists and their patients. A 9.3 μm CO2 all-tissue laser:

  • enables anesthesia-free hard tissue procedures
  • virtually bloodless soft tissue performance.
  • eliminates anesthesia
  • more efficient and productive
  • enjoying a more manageable work day

CEU’s=.   1 CEU

Day 2: Lecture and Small Group Hands-On Workshop (Limited Seating) 

Patients are happy because :

  • they don’t get numb
  • there is no pain
  • post-op healing is quick      This hands-on workshop discusses the laser’s underlying technology and the dramatic effect it has on dental practices. Learn what a 9.3 μm CO2 all-tissue laser is capable of by trying it on pig jaws and extracted teeth

You do not have to take day 1 to participate in the Day 2 lecture and Hands-On Portion:  The Hands-On portion is limited to a small group so you will be able to work one-on-one with the Laser.   6 CEUs 



Dr. Andrew Spector

For 3 decades I have been blessed with the opportunity to pursue two of my heartfelt passions, clinical dentistry and education, not only enriching my own education but having the blessing and opportunity to educate others. Being asked to Faculty at NYU in 1995 and spending five  wonderful years teaching Surgical and restorative Implant dentistry  ignited a passion inside me for being an educator. I have spent over 24 years developing and refining and presenting curriculum within many different forums.  The simplification of the complex and communication to the people I teach is what drives me. There is nothing better to an educator then seeing the lights go on in the person’s eyes to which they are teaching.  My following years in education lead me to develop for Sirona/ Paterson their first basic and advanced core curriculum for Cerec 2 and Cerec 3 .  Simplifying the 3 dimensional  world of those old machines was a gratifying challenge . I think back to a presentation I gave in 1999 to the NYU prosthetics department with a Cerec 2 in the room! After showing the doctors the fit on the Dye I could see their interest was piqued.  I was a beta tester for Sirona for Many years adding to the suggestions of improvements in software and function To think now what Cad/ Cam has become both functionally and esthetically. Through the years I have taken to simplifying Cad/ Design and manufacturing. The armamentarium of the CAD/CAM delivery system needed to be improved. The weak area was the powdering process. This led to being the Co- inventor of  the Powder –Pro™ a Cad spray instrument we were fortunate to sell for many years and still have accessories for today.   In 2011 Presented at MIS implants for Sirona which led to an 8 year ongoing relationship as a faculty member at  the nationally recognized THE DENTAL IMPAMT TRAINING CENTER  in N.J.  as I help them test, refine  and educate doctors as to their guided surgical system and its esthetic advantages . My love for technology application led me to Tackle 15 years of hard tissue laser dentistry with 3 different wavelengths teaching preparation techniques for hard tissue in all three modalities. Now I look at CO2 9300m and marvel at its applications, all the while breaking down these techno0logies into curriculum that’s lets Doctors be successful.  The application of Esthetic care to all these modalities was and is a constant. Be it CAD/CAM materials and application, Growing and understanding laser prepared surfaces and there interaction  with our esthetic materials, or applying todays minimally invasive guided surgery technology to the esthetic placement of dental implants. Most recently I was given the honor of fellowship in the international Academy of dental facial aesthetics for my work in the field of implantology and Aesthetic care over many years.

Dr. Spector has taught over 3000 dentists hands on course work in  Laser CAD/CAM and Surgical Restorative Implantology. He has taught his nationally recognized coursework given aspiring Esthetic laser, and implant dentists across the nation and internationally. Dr. Spector and his wife of 30 years Stacey have 3 sons. He is an avid skier and guitar player and enjoys playing tennis with his 3 sons.



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Live Webinar: Day 1 Only Thurs. May 30, 2024 Time 7pm to 8pm EST, Day 2 Only Lecture and Hands-On Friday, June 14, 2024 Time: 9am to 3:30pm EST, Both Day 1 and Day 2