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Hands on Digital Radiology: How to take the Perfect Radiograph


Instructor: Rose Hirshorn, CDA, RDA, DSI Faculty



This Hands on Program is great as a refresher for anyone who needs to review their Radiographic Digital skills.

No one can deny that intraoral imaging is an essential part of dentistry today. Most would agree that digital radiography delivers superior diagnostic advantages compared to film, but everyone knows that using digital imaging tools are not the same as using film tools.

Digital diagnostics rely on a number of factors: proper sensor placement, good contrast, density, sharpness and resolution.

Understanding the best way to manipulate those factors can directly affect image quality.

Sometimes it’s about machine settings, features and calibration; other times, it’s the X-ray angle, viewing conditions or anatomy of a patient’s mouth.

This program will cover:

  • Brief lecture on digital radiographs
  • Comprehensive Hands on program will follow.
  • The hands-on clinical experience is done with mannequins to test proficiency in taking x-rays.
  • Radiation Safety will also be discussed.

Limited to 9 Participants

Credits:        2 CEU’s                 [AGD Code: # 731]

Time:           7pm to 9pm EST

Instructor:  Rose Hirshorn, CDA, RDA, DSI Faculty

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Monday June 17, 2024/ Time: 7pm to 9pm / Location: DSI: Fairfield, NJ