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Live Webinar/Or Attend at our school; Nitrous Oxide Monitoring Renewal Course [AGD Code: #132]


Instructor: Dr. Bruce Hirshorn




Live Interactive Webinar:

You will receive the webinar sign in information after you register for this program: Please have a laptop or desk top computer available be able to watch the program properly

or Limited seats at our school 

Individuals who have already taken the Initial program must renew
with this 3 hours program every other renewal period.

Please Know your renewal period prior to signing up for this class: You need a Nitrous Oxide renewal program ever other renewal period.  If you sign up and do not need the class you are subject to the cancellation policy.

Learning Objectives:

To provide updated information and review proper procedures and vital signs regarding nitrous oxide monitoring and emergency procedures during and after administration. This course provides three hours of didactic re-certification training for nitrous oxide analgesia monitoring. Emphasis will be placed on recognition of problems and complications during administration and how to quickly terminate administration. Topics to be reviewed: Proper medical history review and recognition of medical emergencies and the proper treatment. The techniques for nitrous oxide analgesia delivery and its effects on the body Preoxygenation, titration, monitoring and termination techniques of nitrous oxide analgesia delivery, signs, symptoms and treatment of complications of nitrous oxide analgesia administration, importance of scavenger systems and safety features.

Course Description:

This program is a renewal program for those individuals who have taken an initial nitrous oxide program.


  • Credits:       3 CEU’s   [AGD Code: #132]
  • Instructor:  Dr. Bruce Hirshorn



Additional information


Live Webinar: Sunday Dec. 5, 2021 Time: 9am to 12pm, Attend at our school: Sunday Dec. 5, 2021 Time 9am to 12pm