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The Healthy Professional: “ Didactic & Hands-On “ Chairside Ergonomic Seminar for the Dental Team-[AGD Code: #770]


Instructor:  Thomas Pousson, CEAS; A-dec, Inc.

This class is recommend for  EVERY Dentist, Hygienist and Dental Assistant!!!

This class demonstrates  proper seating for the DENTAL PATIENT in the Dental CHAIR as well as the ENTIRE Dental Team.

This is “THE CLASS” we all should have be taught in Dental, Hygiene and Dental Assisting school.






Learning Objectives:

 Identify areas in dentistry prone to bad habits/bad postures.

  1. Present the impact of poor posture and the effect it has on the overall health of the dental team.
  2. Identify common chair side behaviors that lead to poor posture.
  3. Present environmental and physical solutions to promote healthier posture for the dental team.

Course Description:

 This course gives an in-depth analysis of the common ailments and their causes as experienced by dental care providers. Further, avoidance techniques and corrective coaching is presented with documentation and demonstration. Attendees of this course can expect to learn how to properly position their bodies when providing dental care so as to maximize performance and endurance while avoiding pain and injury. Also, dental team positioning will be discussed and analyzed with the objective of reinforcing the effectiveness of 4-handed dentistry in minimizing stress and maximizing dental team performance. This course will provide both lecture and hands-on, chair side presentation with personal attention given to particular and common ergonomic challenges.

Credits:        3 CEU’s  [AGD Code: #770]

Instructor:  Thomas Pousson, CEAS; A-dec, Inc.

Thomas Pousson is an Ergonomic Assessment Specialist, certified by The Back School of Atlanta, Georgia as well as a field representative for A-dec, Inc. of Newberg Oregon. Thomas received his Bachelor of Science degree from Towson University in 1998 and has been working in dental product development, manufacturing, and sales since 2000. Thomas has delivered countless hours of education on the topics of dental ergonomics, restorative material, technique, and management during his tenure in the dental industry. As an accomplished veteran of the dental industry, he is a professional trainer that has effectively communicated the message of numerous new technologies for the dental industry during his many years within the community of oral care providers.

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Friday, December 20, 2019 / Time: 9:00am to 12:00pm / Location: DSI: 7 Spielman Road Fairfield, NJ