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OSHA -Yearly Subscription Program Update


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During the year, OSHA makes changes to current regulations.  Keeping up on your yearly OSHA training is only one part of staying informed, but that alone does not give you the opportunity to know that these changes have happened as they are happening.  You need to know if new mandates have been issued so you can be compliant.

Dental Studies Institute is offering an OSHA Yearly Subscription Program to keep your office informed of any changes to OSHA Regulations that OSHA makes in the calendar year … These updates are emailed to your in-box every time OSHA issues new guidance.

So How does this work?

  1. Have your annual OSHA training with one of our staff
  2. Sign up that day for your yearly subscription service update
  3. When OSHA issues any changes in regulations or guidance we will inform you by email.
  4. Book your renewal OSHA training and sign up again for your subscription
  5. COMPLIANCE is as easy as 1-2-3 !

This program is only available to our OSHA clients upon training.