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Dental Implants for the General Practice Dental Team and Scaling & Root Planing -[AGD Code# 690]




Two Informative topics in one day:  Live Class at our School. 

Am Session:   Dental Implants for the General Practice Dental Team: What the RDH, RDA and Dentist need to Know!

Learning Objectives:
•           Learn the various clinical scenarios that can be treated with implant dentistry.
•           Learn the Decision Tree process.
•           Learn how and when to incorporate bone and soft tissue augmentation in treatment.

Course Description:

Dental implants bring great advantages to both the patient as well as the entire dental team.
Gone are the days where a patient must live with an uncomfortable removable prosthesis.
Gone are the days when a large investment of time, cost and emotion are made for a tooth or teeth of questionable prognosis.
Gone are the days when sound natural teeth are treated with full coverage crowns to replace a single missing tooth.
And gone are the days when bone needs to be sacrificed from sound teeth to rectify a damaged tooth.
Dental implants when properly utilized can solve a myriad of clinical conditions that previously were not possible and many times in a more conservative and cost effective manner.
This lecture will de-mystify implant dentistry and provide a simplified approach to increase everyone’s comfort level with dental implants.

Please bring your cases (Mounted models, Panorex and/or FMX and the patient’s Perio charting)

Afternoon Session: Scaling & Root Planing & Dental Implants for the General Practice Dental Team

Periodontal Diseases are present in 90% of the population. Data from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) show that over 50% of the adult population suffer from Periodontitis. With greater life expectancy and people wanting to keep their teeth longer; greater demands are being placed on the totality of the dental team.

Adequate dental treatment cannot be completed without establishing a health periodontium. Thus, the goal of phase 1 periodontal therapy is geared to reducing gingival inflammation and eliminating the subgingival pathologic microorganisms that are responsible of triggering periodontal disease. Phase 1 treatment is successful in the areas of minimal pocketing where gingival inflammation can be controlled and disease progression can be stopped no further treatment is indicated pockets shallower than 4 mm. However further surgical treatment is necessary when pocket depths are more than “critical probing depth” of 4.2mm.

By definition, scaling is the removal of plaque, calculus and stain from the crown and root surfaces. Root planning is the definite  removal of cementum and dentin from the root surface in an attempt to smooth rough surfaces in order to eliminate necrotic cement and bacteria reducing and impregnated toxins and dislodge calculus.

All of these aim to reduce inflammation and reduce pocket depths by optimizing reattachment process.

  Learning Objectives:     Upon completion of this seminar the participant will:
• Understand periodontal disease, how it impacts our patients, how one provides quality dental care.
• Understand how to identify & differentiate the various periodontal conditions.
• Using the decision tree to obtain the best treatment outcomes.

Course Description:

  • Provide information sequentially from the basics to the advanced.
  • Non-surgical & conservative surgical treatments accomplishing the clinical objectives.

Interactive Participation

Periodontal conditions presented & accompanied by discussions of differential diagnoses of periodontal disease conditions. 

                                 This foundation will increase the quality of patient care & will provide great professional rewards.

Credits:       6 CEU’s    [AGD Subject Code# 690]

Instructor: Dr. Richard B. Kahn

Dr. Richard B. Kahn is a board certified Periodontist practicing in New Brunswick, NJ.
He received his advanced specialty training in Periodontics & Oral Medicine from Farleigh Dickenson School Dental Medicine.
This was preceded by a general practice residency at RWJUH.
Dr. Kahn is active involved in most phases of the profession of dentistry.  In addition to maintaining a specialty practice of Periodontics and implant dentistry, he is involved in teaching at all levels of the profession and has lectured extensively.
Dr. Kahn is a past-President of the New Jersey Dental Association and the NJ Society of Periodontists. He is recognized as one of the top Periodontists in the State by NJ Monthly Magazine.
Dr. Kahn has no financial relationships relevant to this presentation to disclose.


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Sunday, November 7, 2021 Time: 9am to 3:30pm Location: 7 Spielman Road, Fairfield