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Debbie Zafiropoulos

HPV – It’s not the Hanky Panky virus the Media Says it is: SOSA™ Screening and the Health Care Provider.


Instructor:  Debbie Zafiropoulos RDH

Complimentary Continental breakfast and Lunch will be served.

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·        New evidence has linked the presence of HPV in an oral mucosal infection to the increase risk of oral and oral pharyngeal cancer.

·        It has been a challenge in the past to identify those individuals with these risk factors until now.

·        In this highly interactive program participants will learn to conduct an SOSA™ Exam and optimize verbal skills to educate the patient about self-examination techniques without invoking the fear of the threat

of cancer.

·        We will review the importance of consistently conducting an effective oral abnormality visual and tactile “lump, bump & bulge” screening exam each time all patients are in our care.

·        We will discuss adjunctive oral cancer screening technologies as well as review why oral systemic health and wellness are key to oxidizing viral infections.

·        Finally, we will have a check list of what products we can safely recommend to patients that are going through cancer therapy and why our position is so valuable to them.

Learning Objectives

My goal:

·        Take away the fear of discussing oral abnormalities with our patients

·        Give you and your team the verbal confidence to discuss the necessity of utilizing emerging technology to screen patients preventively vs. finding late stage oral cancer.

·        This course will give the attendee tools to discuss changes in the patient’s mouth without dismissing a single small spot or watching what happens in-between appointments.

·        We will also discuss optimizing BENEFICIAL product positioning to provide comfort for patients in cancer therapy and support their journey as an advocate and friend.

·        By the completion of the course attendees will have an active role in Making Oral Cancer History


·        The presentation will utilize an impressive collection of pre-cancerous and late stage oral lesions.

·         What will bring the attention to the audience is the many pictures and case types of Oral HPV and how frequently we see these lesions.

·        The goal of the course is to not “guess” what the lesions looks like but to transition the oral exam into a dialog with the patient that the oral care specialist (RDH & Doctor) are ‘concerned with some changes that they had not noticed before’

·        Utilize screening and minimally invasive diagnostic tools to reduce the risk factor of late stage cancer detection.

·        Throughout out this high energy and interactive presentation we will look at and use some of the screening technologies and minimally invasive diagnostic tests available to us for oral abnormalities.

Date:             Sunday September 24, 2017

Time:            9am to 5:30pm

Credits:        8 CEU’s

     Complimentary Continental breakfast and Lunch will be served.

Location:     DSI: Fairfield, NJ

Instructor:  Debbie Zafiropoulos RDH,  is a practicing RDH who founded the National Cancer Network, a nonprofit that works to educate more people about cancer, encourage cancer screenings, and support patients and those who care for them. The organizations mission is to raise awareness to prevent late stage diagnosis of all cancers through screening and referrals. Most recently, Debbie has won the very prestigious Sunstar/RDH Award of Distinction, an award that recognizes eight women who have made a difference in oral health awareness. Debbie still practices dental hygiene and is an active speaker in the dental and medical industry. With over 27 years in the health industry and working with a variety of clients, Debbie’s laser focus and ability to get to the cause holding back success is the fuel that feeds her passion. Debbie is a passionate and very articulate speaker and her programs are often sold out which makes her highly desired amongst meeting planners. Debbie’s mission and commitment to you is to ignite the hero within you! 

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Sunday September 24, 2017: 9am to 5:30pm