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Compliance Series-Dental Patient Health Emergencies, HIPAA, CPR & OSHA: 14 CEU’s


Instructor: Joe Rector BSSE, DSI staff and OSHA Safety Specialist, EMT, AHA FA/BLS

Location:   DSI: Fairfield, NJ



Get All your Compliance Requirements and 14 CEU’s 

Fuel your TEAM by LEARNING TOGETHER:  and get all your compliance requirements and We promise to make it FUN !

  Continental Breakfast and Complimentary Lunch will be included each day for participants that attend all day classes

as well as Fun/Informative Lunch and Learn

All Dental Offices, that have staff, are required to do the following:

  • Yearly OSHA Training
  • EMERGENCY PROTOCOL-NEW JERSEY Dental Board issued a Ruling mandating all Dental offices to implement this requirement in order to recognize and manage common medical emergencies in the office, training must be done on a yearly basis. (13:30-8.26 EMERGENCY PROTOCOL)
  • Know the Regulations and Compliance Requirements for HIPAA
  • Be CPR Certified depending on the license the Dental Professional Holds

Day One: Morning:

Dental Patient Health Emergencies Protocol and  HIPAA Training:   

  1.  Saturday, November 10th, 2018
Dental Patient Health Emergencies Protocol:
  • Time:          8:30am to 11:30pm
  • Credits:      3 CEU’s  [AGD CODE: # 142]
  • Instructor: Joe Rector, BSSE, EMT, AHA FA/BLS: CPR Instructor

This course will teach you and your staff the fundamentals of handling medical emergencies. It will answer the following questions:

  •  Is there a protocol for managing a medical emergency in your office?
  • What action would be taken? *Who is responsible for documentation?
  • What drugs or equipment should be readily available in the office?
  • Understand the most common Medical Emergencies 
  • Review of Vital signs, medical health history, and documentation

This program will review a variety of medical emergencies & prevention.  (13:30-8.26 EMERGENCY PROTOCOL) NEW JERSEY Dental Board issued a Ruling mandating all Dental offices to implement this requirement in order to recognize and manage common medical emergencies in the office, training must be done on a yearly basis. This is from the Dental Board Regulations pertaining to Managing Medical Emergencies training:


1a) Each dental office, facility, dental clinic, or institution at which there is patient contact, at a minimum, shall:

  • Have a written protocol for managing medical or dental emergencies;
  • Have equipment to maintain adult and pediatric airways;
  • an ambu bag (bag-valve-mask resuscitator);
  • Ensure that all staff are trained upon hire, and at least annually thereafter, to implement the emergency protocol.


   HIPAA Training:
* Know the Regulations and Compliance Requirements for HIPAA *
  • Time:           11:30am to 12:30pm
  • Credits:       1 CEU  [AGD Code: # 561]
  • Instructor:  Anthony Jurjevic

 Information security awareness from the point of view of protecting all Protected Health Information (PHI).

Physical, technical, and administrative safeguards to Protected Health Information (PHI) is a requirement of all “covered entities” based on the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act [HIPAA] of 1996, as amended by the HITECH Act.

 This HIPAA course is tailored to help healthcare providers and employees understand  What information is private, Why it is private and What they can do to protect it.

 Learning Objectives: Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • List the major components of HIPAA Privacy and Security rules;
  • Describe the rules about using and disclosing protected health information (PHI);
  • Describe how individual rights are protected under HIPAA;
  • Understand and describe a Security Risk Assessment
  • List the fundamental components of a compliance program
  • Understand how to create a Compliance plan

Topics Covered:

  1. Why “free email” comes with a big cost
  2. Encryption
  3. Backups
  4. HIPAA Basics
  5. Understanding and Recognizing PHI
  6. Patient Privacy Rights and Rights of Access
  7. Real world examples
  8. Acceptable use policies incident response

Instructor: Anthony Jurjevic | President – Managing Partner | Techspedient Networks, LLC:  Anthony Jurjevic is an in-demand technology consultant, business strategic partner, and author who specializes in high value, and highly effective technology strategies for growing small to medium businesses. After many years of honing his technical skills in the enterprise domain, he has brought his style of consulting to the small to midsize business marketplace. Focused on improving efficiencies and up time through network optimization, Anthony is growing Techspedient Networks, LLC into one of the premier managed service providers in the Tri-State area.


Lunch: Time: 12:30pm to 1:30pm (no CEU’s)
We will host a complimentary Lunch and Learn Lecture on No-Bake Healthy Bites 

Instructor:  Barbara Boxer, NBC-HWC, CHHC, Barbara is a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, a Personal Chef, and a Teaching Assistant at The Natural Gourmet Institute and the Institute of Culinary Education.  She studied nutrition and holistic health coaching at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.As a Health Coach, she works with individual clients to support them in meeting their unique health and wellness goals.  While able to work with most anyone who wants to effect change in these areas, Barbara’s areas of expertise focus on helping clients achieve weight goals and working with professionals who often sacrifice their own health and happiness for career success.  Now a retired global IT consulting executive, Barbara draws on her own health journey experience, corporate leadership and relationship building skills, to empower and motivate individuals to improve their overall health and wellness by making sustainable lifestyle changes.Barbara is a member of the International Consortium for Health & Wellness Coaching (ICHWC), the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP), and the International Association of Health Coaches (IAHC).


Day One: Afternoon:

CPR: BLS for Healthcare Provider
  • Time:             1:30pm to 5:30pm    [AGD CODE: # 142]
  • Credits:         4 CEU’s plus American Heart Association Completion Card
  •  Instructor:   Joe Rector, BSSE, EMT, AHA FA/BLS: CPR Instructor

The BLS for Healthcare Providers course covers core material such as adult and pediatric CPR (including two-rescuer scenarios and use of the bag mask), foreign-body airway obstruction and automated external defibrillation. This course is for healthcare providers such as EMS personnel, physician assistants, doctors, dentists, nurses, respiratory therapists, and lifeguards who must have a credential (card) documenting successful completion of a Healthcare Provider CPR course. The AHA’s new BLS Course has been updated to include science and education from the 2015 Guidelines Update for CPR and ECC. It teaches both single-rescuer and team basic life support skills for application in both prehospital and in-facility environments, with a focus on high-quality CPR and team dynamics.

Your patients and their families look to you and your staff to provide optimal care for themselves and loved ones while in your office, do you and your staff know what to do in a cardiac arrest situation? Over 47% of cardiac deaths occur outside of the hospital. For every minute a person is in cardiac arrest with shockable rhythms chance of survival goes down 10% for every minute that defibrillation is not performed. This course will provide instruction for one and two person adult, pediatric and infant CPR, rescue breathing, obstructed airway, Automated External Defibrillator use, and use of barrier devices as required by OSHA.


Day Two: OSHA Training:

  1.  Sunday,  November 11th, 2018

Time:           9:00am to 4:00pm

Credits:       6 CEU’s  [AGD Code: #148]

Instructor:  Joe Rector BSSE, DSI staff and OSHA Safety Specialist, EMT, AHA FA/BLS

Course Description:

This course will simplify OSHA regulations and teach participants how to be in compliance.   Also covered are the latest OSHA requirements concerning blood-borne pathogens and exposure control. A must for everyone in the dental office.     Each dental office must have OSHA training each year. This program will satisfy that requirement.

New Hazard Communication Standard, all employers must train their employee’s on the new labels elements and safety data sheets format to facilitate recognition and understanding. Learn how to interpret the code of Federal Regulations regarding OSHA as related to the dental office

Lunch:      We will host a complimentary Lunch and Learn Lecture on the use of Essential Oils in cooking and smoothies (no CEU’s)

Instructor: Cynthia (Cindy) Luisi, CCP, WHE, WHC, BA

Cynthia (Cindy) Luisi, CCP, WHE, WHC, BA is a Certified Whole Health Educator ™, a Chronic Care Professional Health Coach, and Stress Management professional.  She holds a BA in Psychology and is a graduate of the National Institute of Whole Health in Wellesley, Massachusetts, and holds certificates in Stress and Resiliency training from Harvard Medical School Massachusetts General Benson- Henry Institute of Mind Body Medicine.

She is a health professional trained to teach how  lifestyle – how one thinks, eats and moves, can create health and wellness or illness and disease.   She specializes in nutrition, stress management, exercise science, and lifestyle behavior change for health and wellness.   As a Whole Health Educator ™, Cindy is trained to provide clients with demystified, evidenced based information to help improve wellness and overall health through self-directed sustainable lifestyle choices. She works in corporate health settings and with private clients as well as teaching workshops on Whole Health and Wellness, Stress Management and Aromatherapy.

Cindy is a member of the American Counseling Association (ACA) and is a professional Whole Health Advocate provider with Healthways WholeHealth Networks Inc.; a national network of over 88,000 Complimentary Alternative Medicine (CAM) practitioners.
She is the owner of I Can Thrive 360 Whole Health & Wellness and offers Whole Health Coaching and Education, Corporate Wellness Coaching, Holistic Life Coaching and Stress Management Programs as well as a variety of Wellness Workshops and Aromatherapy Classes for both individuals and groups. She lives in the Central Jersey/Princeton area of NJ with her husband and 2 children.






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Two Day Compliance Series: 1 Person Sat. Nov. 10th and Sun. Nov. 11th, Two day Compliance Series: 3 people Sat. Nov. 10th and Sun. Nov. 11th, Two Day Compliance Series: 6 people Sat. Nov. 10th and Sun. Nov. 11th, OSHA only Sun. Nov. 11th, Pt. Emergencies/Hippa/CPR only Sat. Nov. 10th