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Common Errors in Everyday Radiography: Live Webinar


Instructor: Tara Larkin, CDA, RDA, DISIPC, DSI Faculty



This Live Webinar Program is great as a refresher for anyone who needs to review their Radiographic Skills.

No one can deny that intraoral imaging is an essential part of dentistry today. Most would agree that  high quality diagnostic radiographs are at times, elusive. Everyday digital radiography delivers superior diagnostic advantages, but many clinical team members are not utilizing correct settings, technique or storage of these foundational records.

Digital diagnostics rely on a number of factors: proper sensor placement, good contrast, density, sharpness and resolution.

Understanding the best way to manipulate those factors can directly affect image quality.

Sometimes it’s about machine settings, features and calibration; other times, it’s the X-ray angle, viewing conditions or anatomy of a patient’s mouth.

This program will cover:

  • Brief lecture on Radiography and the importance of accurate imaging
  • A discussion of real life obstacles and specific errors (and the corrective action) such as, elongation of roots, bitewing overlap or superimposition of maxillary molar roots with endodontics
  • Radiation Safety will also be discussed.


Credits:        2 CEU’s                 

Time:           Friday September 29,  2023  Time: 1pm to 3pm  EST

Instructor:  Tara Larkin, CDA, RDA, DISIPC, DSI Faculty

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Live Webinar: Fri. Sept 29, 2023 Time: 1pm to 3pm EST