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Because You Can’t See Sterile and Jump In … The Water’s CLEAN and Masks: Face the Facts-[AGD Code #148]


Instructor: Ellen R Guritzky, RDH, BS, MSJ (ip) Crosstex®-A Cantel Medical Company Northeast Regional Sales Manager.



      1. Because You Can’t See Sterile

The adage, “what you can’t see won’t hurt you” can have disastrous consequences related to infection  prevention.

The ultimate goal of instrument processing is to provide sterile patient care items. The course will  review the basic premise of instrument management through the entire handling, cleaning, sterilization, monitoring and storage cycle. Discussions with hands on activities will include instrument washers, immediate use sterilization, chemical indicators vs. integrators, wraps vs. pouches, and biological monitoring  recommendations.

Participants will leave this course signed, sealed & ready to deliver sterility assurance to their clinical practice!

Course Objectives:   Upon completion of the course, the participant should be able to:

  • Discuss the purpose of developing a sterility assurance program and review the guidelines for compliance
  • List and describe the six levels of instrument processing and management
  • Discuss the various methods of sterilization and identify the benefits and challenges.
  • Identify the application of various sterilization process parameters including mechanical, chemical, and biological monitors
  • Discuss the differences in biological indicator designs and performance.

2. Jump In … The Water’s CLEAN!

Providing clean, safe dental water is critical to implementing and maintaining effective infection control protocols. Challenges of basic  equipment design and tubing contribute to the development of biofilm in dental unit waterlines. Discussion will include compliance with  current guidelines related to microbiological water standards and protocol recommendations for best treatment of DUWL protocols to ensure  patient and clinician safety.

Course Objectives:

  • Upon completion of this CE activity, the participants will be able to
  • Describe the causes of biofilm contamination of DUWLs
  • List the microorganisms found in DUWL output water and how they relate to potential transmission
  • Review the significant clinical studies related to DUWL
  • Discuss various treatment s to achieve dental unit waterline quality that will meet CDC/ADA recommendations

3. Masks: Face the Facts

The adage, “what you can’t see, won’t hurt you” can have disastrous consequences related to infection prevention. Selecting the appropriate face mask is a key component to minimize the spread of potentially infectious diseases. Fit, filtration, materials,  construction are all factors when considering personal protective equipment and this course provides a comprehensive overview of each. In addition, the appropriate  barrier level of mask must be selected based on the anticipated level of risk during a given procedure.

ASTMF2100-11 Performance Ratings will be outlined followed by demonstrative videos regarding fit for maximum safety.

Course Goals and Objectives:

  • Improve safety for clinicians and patients in the healthcare environment through appropriate use of masks (PPE).
  • Identify various occupational health hazards
  • Recognize the exposure risks of aerosols and splatter
  • Discuss the roles of regulatory agencies as they relate to face masks
  • Describe the three ASTM F2100-11 levels of performance
  • Identify key criteria for selection and use of masks based on procedures

CDA’s- (from DANB)- All certificants, whether they hold one or more DANB certifications,

must annually earn a minimum of three (3) CDE credits.

This class will meet that requirement.

Credits:       3 CEU’s     [AGD Code: #148]               

Instructor: Ellen R Guritzky, RDH, BS, MSJ (ip) Crosstex®-A Cantel Medical Company Northeast Regional Sales Manager.

This program is sponsored by: Crosstex: A Cantel Medical Company

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Friday, September 21, 2018 / Time: 10am-1pm / Location: DSI in Fairfield, NJ