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Be Prepared! What you need to know about RansomWare




Course Outline …

  • What is Ransomware?
  • -2022 Statistics
  • -Ukraine Aid Phishing Scams
  • -Smishing
  • -The Real Cost of a Ransomware Attack
  • -Downtime
  • -Forensic Investigation
  • -Fines
  • -Network Restoration
  • -Credit Monitoring and Repair
  • -Reputation Hit
  • -How Do I Know If I’m Infected?
  • -Am I Infected?
  • -How to Stop an Active Attack!
  • – The 4 Step Process
  • -I’m infected! Now what
  • -Protect Yourself in the Future
  • -Recognize Phishing Scams– “SLAM”
  • -Practice Makes Perfect
  • -Password Sophistication
  • -Protect Yourself in the Future
  •                Deploy Software/Hardware Based Protection
  •                Redundant Backups/Disaster Recovery Plan

Instructor BIO  Rick LoAlbo

For the past 21 years Rick LoAlbo has been developing and building network solutions for organizations including Ernst and Young, LLP and large-scale data centers.  He has spent the last 10 years building complex cyber security HIPAA-specific solutions for the dental industry. Rick currently holds 7 unique HIPAA certifications specially for medical and dental offices and speaks regularly on ransomware readiness and cyber security best practices.

Rick is a current member of InfraGard,  is a unique partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and individuals in the private sector for the protection of U.S. critical infrastructure and the American people. As one of the nation’s largest public/private partnerships, InfraGard connects critical infrastructure owners, operators, and stakeholders with the FBI to provide education, networking, and information-sharing on security threats and risks.

Rick LoAlbo and his team at HTI provide the best dental IT solutions in the industry with an emphasis on ransomware protection. He is passionate about bringing enterprise-level solutions to his valued customers and the dental community, nationwide.

As a Trusted Security Advisor, Rick enjoys tackling the complex issues he encounters on a daily basis as each office is like a puzzle and every solution is unique.


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