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A Pathway for the Healthy Professional: Ergonomic techniques




Reduce strain and fatigue through better movement.

Attend this class by live interactive webinar or attend in person at our school

This program is a 1 hour live interactive webinar and a 1 hour clinical program:


Learning Objectives 

*Identify habits that lead to debilitating fatigue and pain.
*Recognize the impact of poor posture and strain and
*how it affects the health of the dental team.
*Identify common chairside behaviors that lead to strain and poor posture.
*Apply environmental and physical solutions that promote healthy posture and movement.

Course Description:

Learn how to reduce the risk of Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI) and
Cumulative Trauma Disorders (CTDs). While debilitating symptoms may not
be noticeable to dentists just starting out, it’s important for all practitioners
to understand how healthy habits impact productivity, longevity, and quality
of life for the entire dental team. And for those who end their day overly
fatigued, it’s not too late to re-learn optimal techniques around sitting,
moving, and vision. By applying healthy treatment room solutions throughout
the day, you’ll see why you should never endure chronic pain again.

After the one hour lecture, participants have the option to attend the hands on portion of this program in our dental clinic.


Jake Salmond Territory Manager:, A-dec; is a dental sales professional who has worked with hundreds of dental practices in the NY&NJ metro market to implement better habits, products and processes into their daily operations. Jake believes with the help and implementation of smart ergonomics, the dental team can reduce pain, strain and waste..

In 2022 Jake completed his CEAS® Ergonomics Assessment Certification via the Back School of Atlanta, Ga., covering ergonomics assessments in the office, industrial and healthcare environments. Growing up a Chiropractor’s son, Jake has taken an acute interest in his ergonomic training and how the effects of proper seating, positioning, lighting and materials management impact a dental practice. He is passionate about implementing solutions that create efficient, healthy dental teams and productive office workflow.

Jake lives in Morristown NJ, with his wife Allison and 3 Children. Jake is available for in office ergonomic assessments and equipment evaluations.

Requirements to attend a live webinar:

  1.  You will need a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer to view it. If using a smartphone or tablet, it is best to have the app for the program on your device (i.e. Zoom, GoToWebinar).
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  3.   Instructors or school personnel will take attendance periodically throughout the class.
  4.   Instructors may call on participants.
  5.  To verify attendance, a code word may be given sometime during the class.
  6. You will be required to complete and return an evaluation after the course has ended. The evaluation may ask what code word was given.
  7.  You may not receive your Certificate of Completion if we cannot verify your attendance.

Live webinar invitations are emailed to registered students as the cour one day prior to the class.

Certificates of Completion are emailed to students approximately 5 business days after the course.

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Live Webinar: Thurs. Oct. 19, 2023 Time: 7pm to 8pm, Attend at our school: Thurs. Oct. 19 2023 Time 7pm to 8pm, Attend at our school with 1 hour hands on